Apollos Watered Podcast

#211 | Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for American Evangelicalism | Russell Moore

September 22, 2023

What happens if we co-opt political power for godly means? Or what if we use evil people to do good things? What if we put people in political power whose character is awful? Is that good or bad? Is it so cut and dry? Of course, there have always been evil people in political office, […]

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#210 | Living A Spacious Life | Ashley Hales

September 19, 2023

Do you feel stuck? Are you frustrated that life is not working the way you thought it would? Are you angry with God because others are seemingly finding success and you aren’t? Are you frustrated by your limits? What if your limits are not bad things, but good things? Have you ever wondered if your […]

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#209 | The Story of God & Idolatry in Western Culture, Pt. 2 | Mike Goheen

September 15, 2023

Do you know the biblical story? What role does the Kingdom of God play in that story? How has the modern church in America become culturally irrelevant? What is the modern Western story and how does it absorb many of our salvation stories? And what is the Gospel? These are just some of the questions […]

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#208 | The Story of God & Idolatry in Western Culture, Pt. 1 | Mike Goheen

September 12, 2023

We all know that cultures such as those in India have their own pantheon of false gods that we often think of as statues, but idolatry is more than the worship of statues. And demons are not only at work in Majority World cultures. Idolatry and the demonic are just as much at work in […]

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#207 | How to Read and Understand the Psalms | Bruce Waltke

September 8, 2023

As we go about our missionary encounter with Western culture, we need instruction from the Scriptures. And we need to see the Scriptures from the vantage point of the audience it was written to. There have been more tears cried on the pages of the Psalms than any other book, because it is a book […]

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#206 | Charting Social Change | Anne Snyder

September 5, 2023

How does social change happen? Can a movement like the Asbury Renewal spark real social change? What in our society causes movement? Is it just a changing of generations? What role does technology play? What role is Artificial Intelligence going to play? These are just some of the questions that we discussed in today’s episode. […]

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#205 | Living A Countercultural Life, Pt. 2 | Chris Castaldo

September 1, 2023

What do the Beatitudes look like in a culture where politics rules in a zero-sum game? What role do the Beatitudes play in helping us with our anxiety? How do we hold this purifying vision of God in the Beatitudes in a world? Today’s guest is Pastor and Theologian Chris Castaldo back to the show […]

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#204 | Living A Countercultural Life, Pt. 1 | Chris Castaldo

August 29, 2023

How do we live in a culture obsessed with success? How has the Christian faith morphed from a countercultural movement to one that is obsessed with power and politics? These are questions we all wrestle with and the Bible speaks to the longings and ragings of our hearts, showing us a better way forward that […]

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#203 | The Wolf In Your Pocket, Pt. 2 | Chris Martin

August 25, 2023

Travis and Chris Martin continue their conversation on his new book, The Wolf in Our Pockets: 13 Ways the Social Internet Threatens the People You Lead? In this conversation, they discuss free speech, politics online, YouTubers, Facebook, the all-knowing algorithm, how these platforms are forming us, anxiety, the high school hallways, and what should and […]

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#202 | The Wolf In Your Pocket, Pt. 1 | Chris Martin

August 22, 2023

How much does social media affect you on a daily basis? How much is it threatening the people you lead? How much are they medicating themselves? What can we do about it? Chris Martin is here to help! Chris Martin is a content marketing editor at Moody Publishers and a social media, marketing, and communications […]

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