Watering Weekends

Grow in competence in your missionary encounter with today’s culture, with an in depth look at some of the most important topics facing Christians. Our Watering Weekends include multiple interactive sessions to help individuals, organizations and churches to grow deeper in faith and more effectively navigate the waters of our culture by examining the Scriptures, important voices past and present, as well as the global Church, all with a view to hone your calling in your context.

Tim Maynard

Dr Tim Maynard
Fruit Cove Baptist Church

Apollos Watered has been used by God to open my eyes and my mind to dimensions of the faith that I had never before considered. I highly recommend the value of this ministry to any growing, thinking follower of Christ. Your faith and your soul will be well-watered!

KJ Johnson

Karl “KJ” Johnson
C.S. Lewis Institute

"There are a lot of places to turn to learn what to think about culture and today’s critical issues, and Apollos Watered is no exception. But if you want to know how to think about culture and today’s critical issues, then Apollos Watered stands out."

What You Get

Each of our signature Watering Weekend events features an informal, workshop style format that includes teaching, dialogue, and plenty of room for questions. Before the event, we will schedule a 30-45 minute session with your leadership to better understand the makeup of your group, your goals, and any special information that would be helpful. Come expecting to have fun, and emerge with a deeper faith and greater understanding of how our faith connects with everyday life in this biblically faithful, culturally insightful, and spiritually challenging experience.

Customize Your Event

Over the years, we have found a Friday night/Saturday format to be optimal, but we can work with your you to develop an alternate schedule that suits your needs.

If none of our signature weekend events fits your current needs but you will still like to book an event, please fill out the speaker request form and we will contact you about alternate possibilities.

Watering Weekend

Thriving in Babylon

For a long time, many American Christians have thought of ourselves as living in the Promised Land. As our culture has shifted, it is increasingly obvious that we are actually living in Babylon. How do we overcome the shock and adjust to our new cultural situation? The book of Daniel offers extraordinary guidance for our time, showing us how to live faithful and fruitful lives in an anti-Christian world. 

Thinking As a Christian: Finding Your Mind in a Chaotic World

The modern world is complex and often overwhelming. As Western culture increasingly rejects Christianity, it is both tempting and easy to dismiss the world outright on the one hand or absorb its flawed thinking on the other. Both options are flawed. Instead, Christians need to learn how to think Christianly, allowing God to renew our minds so that we can live our faith well in the various facets and roles of our lives, showing God’s glory in a chaotic world. 

Counterfeit Gods: Confronting Today’s Cultural Idolatries

Western culture is both enticing and dangerous. It now extends across the globe and into every conceivable corner of our lives. Because Western culture is so pervasive, we are often unaware of or simply ignore the cultural idolatries that we have allowed ourselves to participate in and even attach to our faith. In this weekend we will examine several of the most pervasive cultural idolatries impacting the Church and how we are to respond to them.

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