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#180 | Deep Conversation w/ Chris Coursey | The Joy Switch, Pt. 2

June 2, 2023

Travis & Chris Coursey continue our conversation from Part 1, but this time, in Part 2, we go deeper into joy and how we cultivate it. What do we do when our joy switch gets turned off? What are some practical things that we can do to step back into joy? Listen in and find […]

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#179 | Deep Conversation w/ Chris Coursey | The Joy Switch, Pt. 1

May 30, 2023

How is it that some people can know everything about the Bible and know zero about relationships? How do we actually engage with people when they annoy us? How do we tune out of relationships? What has joy got to do with all of this? And moreover, what does any of this have to do […]

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#178 | Deep Conversation w/ Daniel Strange | Magnetic Points, Pt. 2

May 26, 2023

Travis and Daniel continue their conversation about the magnetic points that are in every person and every culture that act as a bridge to the Gospel. They also talk about J.H. Bavinck, and how we all need to look at the methods of missiologists so that we might learn how to reach our friends and […]

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#177 | Deep Conversation w/ Daniel Strange | Magnetic Points, Pt. 1

May 23, 2023

How do you connect with people in the world who don’t know Jesus and don’t want to hear about Jesus? Daniel Strange gives us some magnetic points that provide us with the means by which people can and will want to know more about Jesus. Daniel Strange is director of Crosslands Forum and the vice president of The Southgate […]

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#176 | Deep Conversation w/ Glen Scrivener | The Air We Breathe

May 19, 2023

What do freedom, kindness, progress, and equality have in common? We have them because of Christianity. Most don’t realize that the very benefits that they have in our modern culture come directly as a result of the Christian faith-so says Glen Scrivener. It’s those connection points that create a bridge that can help our unbelieving […]

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#175 | Deep Conversation w/ Gene Green | Doing Theology With The World

May 16, 2023

Is theology a one-time thing? Or is it something that we do? How do we “do” theology? Part of following Jesus, and desiring to see His kingdom expand in the hearts and minds of men and women all over the world, means learning how to follow Christ and show Christ’s love in various cultural contexts. […]

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#174 | Deep Conversation w/ Michael J. Kruger | Spiritual Abuse

May 12, 2023

What did James MacDonald, Mark Driscoll, and Bill Hybels have in common? They were all guilty of spiritual abuse. We have all heard of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, just to name a few, but spiritual abuse? Spiritual abuse is the most incipient of abuses, but it happens all the time. What exactly is spiritual […]

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#173 | Deep Conversation w/ Bishop Claude Alexander | Becoming the Church

May 9, 2023

Can you have Jesus without the church? The answer is an unequivocal and resounding, “No.” Travis welcomes Bishop Claude Alexander to the show as they discuss how we are becoming the church, how we have to allow room to process, not give up on the church but press on, and seek to be unified because […]

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#172 | Deep Conversation w/ Malcolm Guite: Transfigure Your Imagination, Pt. 2

May 5, 2023

Imagination awakens knowledge and stirs the soul to seek God. We need to learn how to tap into this very powerful gift and tool that God has given us and learn how to use it for His glory. In this second conversation, Travis talks with Malcolm Guite about the imagination and how God desires to […]

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#171 | Deep Conversation w/ Malcolm Guite: Transfigure Your Imagination, Pt. 1

May 2, 2023

Have you ever felt stuck? Like you can’t go anywhere. You can’t make progress, you can’t go back, and you just are stuck where you are? Sometimes we need to tap into our imaginations as Jesus did. The imagination is a powerful tool-from running scared through potential hazards or leading us into a world of […]

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