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#123 Deep Conversation w/ Craig Keener: Biblical Miracles in The Modern World, Pt. 2

September 30, 2022

In this second part of our conversation, New Testament scholar, Craig Keener shows us how miracles were not just in the world of the New Testament, but are taking place in our world today. We hear about them taking place in various places throughout the world, but why not in the West? What about disabilities? […]

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#122 Deep Conversation w/ Craig Keener: Biblical Miracles in The Modern World, Pt. 1

September 23, 2022

Do the miracles in the Bible still happen today? How can we really know? Can we trust contemporary accounts? These are just some of the questions that we want to have answered and there is no one better to answer the question than New Testament scholar Craig Keener. Statistics show a majority of people believe […]

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#121: Deep Conversation w/ Marcus Warner: Our Walk, Our Wounds, and Our Warfare, Pt. 2

September 16, 2022

Part 2! Marcus Warner shares with us some of the legal authority we have as Christ-followers, the RIP principle for understanding demons (regional, institutional, and personal), and why so many Christians have difficulty finding freedom and victory in Christ. Many of our contemporary church models follow the ABCs of discipleship-Academic training, Behavior modification, and Church […]

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S2:E120: Deep Conversation w/ Marcus Warner: Our Walk, Our Wounds, and Our Warfare, Pt. 1

September 9, 2022

Travis welcomes Marcus Warner to the show! Have you ever felt that you are doing all the right things, yet God feels distant? Have you felt that there are wounds from your past that can’t be healed? Or have you wondered if there may be some demonic influence in your life that won’t leave you […]

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S2:E119: Deep Conversation w/ Chris Castaldo-Catholics, Confusion, & Common Ground

September 2, 2022

Travis welcomes Chris Castaldo to the show! Chris is one of the leading evangelical experts on Roman Catholicism today. A former Catholic himself, his story is refreshing, encouraging, and filled with insight and hope. Chris is an expert at building bridges between Roman Catholics and evangelicals having dialogued with some of the leading Roman Catholic […]

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S2:E118: Deep Conversation w/ Te-Li Lau: Defending Shame, Pt. 2

August 26, 2022

Travis and Te-Li are back discussing shame-its downfalls, confusion surrounding it, and how it should function in the church. Listen in as Travis and Te-Li discuss shame, what it is, how it manifests itself, and how God wants us to relate to it. Get the book Defending Shame. Sign up for the Apollos Watered newsletter. […]

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S2:E117: Deep Conversation w/ Te-Li Lau: Defending Shame, Pt. 1

August 19, 2022

Travis welcomes New Testament scholar Te-Li Lau to the show! Shame is everywhere today. We hear terms like fat-shaming, slut-shaming, etc. Add to that the idea of cancel culture, shame is everywhere we turn and many want to get rid of any idea of shame, but is that right? What does the Bible say about […]

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S2:E116: Deep Conversation w/ Jay Moon & Bud Simon: Good News In A Diverse World, Pt. 2

August 12, 2022

Travis, Jay Moon & Bud Simon keep the conversation going with tips on how to share the good news of Jesus in a diverse world. Travis, Jay, & Bud discuss their book, Intercultural Evangelism, and talk through some of the mindset shifts that need to occur for us to share Jesus effectively with those who […]

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S2:E115: Deep Conversation w/ Jay Moon & Bud Simon: Sharing Jesus With

August 5, 2022

Learn more about W. Jay Moon and W. Bud Simon.

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S2:E114: Deep Conversation w/ J.D. Payne: Rethinking How To Reach the World

July 29, 2022

Travis welcomes J.D. Payne to the show! Church buildings and Christian resources are everywhere in North America, but increasingly we have lost the ability to speak to our neighbors who are on the “outside” of the church The Church is exploding in other parts of the world, but we see more and more empty churches […]

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