#121: Deep Conversation w/ Marcus Warner: Our Walk, Our Wounds, and Our Warfare, Pt. 2

Part 2! Marcus Warner shares with us some of the legal authority we have as Christ-followers, the RIP principle for understanding demons (regional, institutional, and personal), and why so many Christians have difficulty finding freedom and victory in Christ.

Many of our contemporary church models follow the ABCs of discipleship-Academic training, Behavior modification, and Church activities, but there is so much more that often gets overlooked. Marcus helps us to stay biblically grounded, whole-brained, and heart-focused, as he shows us a holistic path forward based on a biblically balanced approach that deals with the wounds, lies, and strongholds in our lives. This is deep stuff and a conversation that will help you find the freedom you long for, and a confident path forward in your walk with Jesus.

It’s a great continuation of part 1 and will inspire you to learn more!

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