#124: Deep Conversation w/ Karl Payne: Spiritual Warfare-Demonization & Deliverance

Travis welcomes Karl Payne to the show! There are so many questions that Christians have in regard to spiritual warfare and so much misunderstanding. In fact, the subject has largely disappeared from most churches. Why? What has been behind the shift? And what can be done to help Christians understand and engage in spiritual warfare? Many Christians would rather ignore the subject altogether, hoping it goes away, while others want to hand it off to the experts to do battle. Spiritual warfare is not for the spiritual elite, but for the everyday believer! We need to know and understand how to battle rightly and Karl Payne is here to help us.

Karl is an author, pastor, frequent guest on Moody radio, and was the former chaplain for the Seattle Seahawks. It’s a truly fascinating and enriching conversation and one that you do not want to miss!

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