#126: Deep Conversation w/ Alan Noble: You Are Not Your Own Pt. 1

We welcome Alan Noble to the show! Alan is a professor, beard enthusiast, onion field lover, and fan of 1940’s men’s fashion. He is also the author of You Are Not Your Own: Belonging to God in an Inhuman World. Today, Travis and Alan discuss what it means to live in our modern-day world. It seems that everywhere we turn, there are promises of living a better life, of being a better you, of fill-in-the-blank that is going to make your life better and give you a more concrete and complete identity. But what if those promises are simply symptoms of something deeper and more sinister? What if they represent an incorrect view of the world that promise freedom but leads to tyranny instead? And if tyranny, how can we find freedom from it? That is what Travis and Alan talk about in today’s episode of Apollos Watered!

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