#129: Deep Conversation w/ Kelly Kapic: You’re Only Human, Pt. 1

Do you ever feel guilt and shame at the end of the day for not getting stuff done? Why? Why do we feel like we can do everything and be everything? We know that we have limitations and yet we live and think that we do not. Have we believed something about ourselves that is wrong? Perhaps we have forgotten something about ourselves that we are creatures with limitations and that is a good thing?

Travis welcomes Kelly Kapic to the show and they discuss what it means to be human in the midst of an inhuman world. Can we recover a better perspective about who we are and who God desires us to be? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Listen in to this stress-relieving, shame-shedding, and guilt-reducing conversation that takes us back to the Garden to rediscover our origin story and our humanity.

Enjoy some laughs and deep thoughts that are sure to help you understand your place in your world!

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