#146: Deep Conversation w/ Hannah Nation | Faithful Disobedience, Pt. 2

Part 2! Travis and Hannah continue their conversation on the Chinese Church and how what they are going through affects the church in the West. What lessons can we learn in our postmodern, comfort-addicted, materialistic, suffering-averse culture? What can we learn from our brothers and sisters on the side of the world? What role does suffering have to play in our Christian life? What role does it play in our discipleship?

Hannah is the Executive Director of the Center for House Church Theology and discusses her newest book, Faithful Disobedience.

Faithful Disobedience is about the Chinese House Church movement, and specifically pastor Wang Yi, who is in prison right now for speaking out against the Chinese government. He reminds us of a Chinese Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

At Apollos Watered, we want to renew the church by creating missioholistic Christians, who are dedicated to accomplishing the mission of God in their specific context. Part of the missioholistic approach is bringing in global voices that help us out of our current cultural rut by showing us how they express the mission of God in their world. It’s a must-listen conversation and one that will encourage you and challenge you to pursue the purpose of God with all of your heart wherever you are.

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