#166 | Deep Conversation w/ Christopher Watkin: Biblical Critical Theory

Have you ever sat in a philosophy class and wondered, “How in the world does this fit within the Gospel?” or “How can I explain the Gospel when it has to answer all these questions?” If you have ever heard the names of Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, or Friedrich Nietzsche, then you know that they have a huge role in shaping the thought currents and structures in our world today. Thoughts shape lives and their work has given shape to terms we use every day: postmodernity, post-truth, deconstructionism, relativism, tolerance, etc. Their fingerprints are all over the contemporary thoughts spouted by universities, talk shows, celebrities, and podcasts.

Rarely has anyone been able to show how the Bible answers such philosophical questions in a way that engaged believers can understand, but Chris Watkin has done just that with his book, Biblical Critical Theory.

Travis and Chris discuss Chris’ background, his faith, and Biblical Critical Theory. In this first part of their conversation, Chris lays the groundwork for the book, answers some contemporary objections, and helps us to see how great the Bible is in helping “out-narrate,” our late modern world.

This is a DEEP conversation and not for the faint of heart, but it is a conversation that will take you deeper into the heart of God, it will help you understand how people have come to view the modern world in which we live as well as shows us how the Bible is still the best story that explains every other story for our lives and how the world is. It’s an incredible conversation!

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