#171 | Deep Conversation w/ Malcolm Guite: Transfigure Your Imagination, Pt. 1

Have you ever felt stuck? Like you can’t go anywhere. You can’t make progress, you can’t go back, and you just are stuck where you are? Sometimes we need to tap into our imaginations as Jesus did. The imagination is a powerful tool-from running scared through potential hazards or leading us into a world of dreams, our imaginations can be used for good or for ill. But what does it look like to cultivate a truly Christian imagination?

Malcolm has an idea! Malcolm is an English poet, songwriter, Anglican priest, and recently retired professor from Cambridge. He is truly one of a kind-cross John Donne, Jerry Garcia, and put him on the back of a Harley while dressed like Bilbo Baggins and you have your man. In fact, his poem Refugee was requested by King Charles to be read at the Christmas Royal Carol Service.

Malcolm joins Apollos Watered to talk about how Jesus baptizes our imagination the moment we come to Him, helping us to cultivate an artistic, moral, and prophetic imagination in a world that desperately needs leaders to move beyond the status quo. It’s insightful, informative, and fun 🙂

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