#175 | Deep Conversation w/ Gene Green | Doing Theology With The World

Is theology a one-time thing? Or is it something that we do? How do we “do” theology? Part of following Jesus, and desiring to see His kingdom expand in the hearts and minds of men and women all over the world, means learning how to follow Christ and show Christ’s love in various cultural contexts. It starts with the Word of God, the Bible, and when we learn the Word of God, we learn how to teach the Word of God and how to apply it as we encounter various cultural forces. This is why we need to study those who have gone before us and learn from those from around the world–so that we might learn from one another and so that together we can fulfill the mission God has for us as seek to show who Jesus is to the world around us.

Today, we welcome Dr. Gene Green to the show. Gene is an emeritus professor of New Testament at Wheaton College, who has written extensively on various issues of theology and missiology. He is the author of several books:

Travis and Gene talk about the necessity of looking to Christians around the world and why we need to learn from them. It is by dialoguing with them, that our vision of God grows, and we are able to see our own culture through new eyes, and perhaps find a way forward, following many of our brothers and sisters who have had to follow Jesus in the face of great hostility. It’s an insightful conversation sure to help you grow in. your knowledge of God, and your awareness of Christian believers from around the world (and perhaps around the corner), who can help us follow Jesus more faithfully today.

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