#183 | Deep Conversation w/ Jeff Christopherson | Once You See | Pt. 1

What happens when Jesus refugees from the majority world enter into a megachurch in the south? Have you seen God work in churches in the West in similar ways that we hear about in the majority world? Are pastors in the West today more concerned about the Sunday experience and the metrics of growth that they really don’t know how to “make disciples”?

Jeff Christopherson addresses this and so much more in his newest book, Once You See: Seven Temptations of the Western Church: A Novel (100 Movements, 2022). Jeff is an author, leader, speaker, missiologist, and movement catalyst. He has served as the Executive Director of the Canadian National Baptist Convention, Executive Director at Church Planting Canada, and Co-Founder and Chief Missiologist at Church Multiplication Institute.

Travis and Jeff discuss the current state of evangelicalism and how evangelicalism has become stuck in a certain form of ministry built on principles of attraction within a high Christendom culture, but as they show, the culture has shifted and God is doing a new work. What is it? What is it going to look like? Listen in to find out!

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