#190 | Listening, Loving, and Learning Their Names | Sabrina Chan & Linson Daniel

If the supremacy of Jesus is to be seen in the church in the West, then it means learning how to live together as Christ’s followers from those who come from different backgrounds than us. In the West, Caucasians still make up the majority of the culture, but as our culture becomes more and more diverse, it becomes imperative that we learn to listen and learn from our brothers and sisters from around the world so that we might together be the people God intended, a sign of heaven.

Often times that is not the case for those who come from different cultural backgrounds, but who were born and live in the United States. Today, we welcome, Linson Daniel and Sabrina Chan to the show, two of the four authors of the book, Learning Our Names: Asian American Christians on Identity, Relationships, and Vocation (IVP, 2022) (Sabrina Chan, Linson Daniel, LA Thao, E. David de Leon).

They help us to see the unique obstacles and experiences that second-generation Asians face as they attempt to navigate the majority Caucasian cultural landscape of the United States and the church. They write from diverse perspectives within the Asian Christian community (East Asian, Southeast Asian, and South Asian) giving a unique insight into a growing and significant group.

It is a conversation that helps inform and enlighten, but also carries an invitation to learn and grow in what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in a multicultural world so that the glory of Christ might shine forth. If you are from a cultural background other than Asian, listen in as they discuss their unique challenges. For those who are from Asian American backgrounds, it is an encouragement to share your story.

Linson Daniel is Associate Pastor of METRO Church with locations in Frisco and Farmers Branch, TX. The son of Indian Immigrants from Kerala, he was born in Mesquite, TX. He is a married father of two. Learn more about Linson.

Sabrina S. Chan is the national director of Asian American Ministries for InterVarsity, and a daughter of immigrants from Hong Kong. She is a married mother of two. Learn more about Sabrina. Find her on social media @sabrinachanwrites.

Sabrina referenced the book Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents.

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