#194 | How You Shape History Will Shape You | Scott Sunquist

Does history really matter in our modern world? What about Christian history? Is there a good way to understand history that relates to us? Is there a bad way of doing history? What can history show us about living as Christ-followers in our modern world? The answer is, of course, plenty!

Travis welcomes Dr. Scott Sunquist, President of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, to the show to help us navigate and harness the story of history so that we might be able to help the church chart a new path forward in our modern post-everything world. Christian history can help us understand who we are, where we have come from, and how we fit into what God is doing in the world. That being said, history is much more than a record of what happened in the past, it is an unfolding of a story, and that story must be told accurately, or it could lead to disastrous results in the present.

Travis and Dr. Sunquist discuss his book, The Shape of Christian History, and how Christian history helps guide us when done correctly. It’s a conversation that enlightens, equips, and encourages you to press forward in fulfilling the mission God has for you where you are.

Scott is the author of The Unexpected Christian Century: The Reversal and Transformation of Global Christianity, 1900-2000, Understanding Christian Mission: Participation in Suffering and Glory, Why Church?: A Basic Introduction, and co-author of History of the World Christian Movement: Earliest Christianity to 1453, History of the World Christian Movement: Modern Christianity from 1454-1800.

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