#196 | Are We Living For Biblical Honor Or Worldly Success? Pt. 2 | David DeSilva

How does our modern world obsessed with success jive with the New Testament world guided by the GPS of honor, patronage, kinship, and purity? What did grace really mean in the ancient world? Do we have an accurate understanding of grace the way that the audience of the first century understood it? Does grace come freely or with an obligation?

If we are to fulfill the mission of God, we need to know how to apply the Scripture to our lives, and in order to do that effectively, it helps to understand the social world of the New Testament. When we do that, our understanding, appreciation, and application of Scriptural truth is expanded and strengthened, and we are able to have the Scripture speak to us in our everyday lives and where we really live.

Our guide in our journey for this second conversation on the subject is New Testament and Greek scholar Dr. David DeSilva. Travis and David discuss his book, Honor, Patronage, Kinship, and Purity: Unlocking the New Testament Culture, a book that has become a major influence in understanding the world of the New Testament and how it relates to many of our modern honor-shame cultures (cancel culture is all about honor and shame).

It’s a conversation that will enlighten, challenge, and encourage you to go deeper in your understanding and appreciation of the Bible and God’s plan for you.

If you want to listen to the first part of the conversation:

#195 | Are We Living For Biblical Honor Or Worldly Success? Pt. 1 | David DeSilva

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