#205 | Living A Countercultural Life, Pt. 2 | Chris Castaldo

What do the Beatitudes look like in a culture where politics rules in a zero-sum game? What role do the Beatitudes play in helping us with our anxiety? How do we hold this purifying vision of God in the Beatitudes in a world?

Today’s guest is Pastor and Theologian Chris Castaldo back to the show to discuss his new book, Upside-Down Kingdom. They discuss the Beatitudes and everyday life, but season it with all things Italy, Italian food, the Italian Reformation, and so much more.

Chris is the author of Holy Ground: Walking with Jesus as a Former Catholic, Talking with Catholics About the Gospel: A Guide for Evangelicals, and co-authored more.

Listen to the first part of the conversation: #204 | Living A Countercultural Life, Pt. 1 | Chris Castaldo

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