#211 | Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for American Evangelicalism | Russell Moore

What happens if we co-opt political power for godly means? Or what if we use evil people to do good things? What if we put people in political power whose character is awful? Is that good or bad? Is it so cut and dry? Of course, there have always been evil people in political office, but the issue is not whether there are low-character people in political office, the issue is calling Christians to embrace evil people, glancing over moral issues, in order to get what they believe to be righteous results. In other words, does the end justify the means? What’s at stake in all of this? Is it possible that we can win some big battles politically, but lose a greater war for the faith and its credibility? What is really going on in American evangelicalism?

Joining Travis on today’s show is Dr. Russell Moore, the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today to discuss his new book, “Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America.” Travis and Russell discuss the status of evangelicalism in America. Is it really representative of the upside-down kingdom that Jesus is talking about? Or is it a type of Christian atheism or even, dare we say a form of Christian paganism? What does it mean to be patriotic in the midst of this? Is it possible to be patriotic and not a Christian nationalist? What is wrong with Christian nationalism anyway? These are just some of the questions they discuss on today’s show as Russell guides us into the landmines of today’s American evangelical landscape, helping us to see where the minefields are, but also where there is safe ground as we seek to be biblical faithful Christians, fulling the mission God has for us in this unique cultural moment.

Conversations like this are meant to help encourage and equip you in your mission encounter with Western culture. Our Western culture has many great things in it, but also some unique underlying idolatries that many who are within a Western culture often miss. Dr. Moore helps us to see some of these idolatries and how many within American evangelicalism are not living out biblical Christianity, but rather destructive idolatries that are toxic to biblical faith. It’s a fascinating and insightful conversation and one that will unmask idolatries you may have in order that you may forsake them and live out of the truth of the Gospel as you go about your missionary encounter with Western culture.

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