#216 | Makers in a Thinkers World with Amy Howley Pierson

Are you creative? Have you felt your creative gifts weren’t desirable or valuable for the gospel and the expansion of God’s kingdom? If you have, then this episode is for you! Too often the creatives among us have been relegated to the kids’ table of ministry, and in doing so we have lost the ability to tap into the imagination and help people to see who God is. There have been so many creatives that the church has lost simply because there wasn’t a value placed upon them.

Travis welcomes Amy Howley Pierson to the show to discuss her book, Makers in a Thinker’s World: What Brain Science Teaches about the Spiritually Transforming Power of Creativity. Rediscover what it means to be creative, what our brains say about it, and how important it is in our spiritual formation.

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