#218 | Hope for American Evangelicals with Matthew Bennett, Pt. 2

Where is their idolatry in the evangelical church today? What idolatries have we smuggled into the church? How do we handle this? What will happen if we don’t? How do we reach our crazy post-everything world today? Is there anyone we can turn to? Is there a person who can give us clarity? Is there a different perspective that we have to consider?

In this second conversation with professor and former missionary, Matthew Bennett, they continue to discuss his book, Hope for American Evangelicals.

Using Lesslie Newbigin as a guide, Matthew takes a missionary perspective to help us look at the American evangelical house and what needs to be done to remodel it by removing the rot and enhancing the good. Travis and Matthew discuss evangelicalism, missions, contextualization, multi-ethnic ministry, sexual ethics and so much more. It’s a conversation to help you find the connecting points to reach your world with the glorious news of Jesus.

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