#227 | A God-Centered Life In A Self-Centered World with George Marsden

Everywhere we look its about us. How “we” want things, “our” true self, “our” vision of the world, what “we” want, etc. Even algorithms cater to us, giving us more and more of what we want, but is that the secret to happiness? Getting more of what “we” want? There is a better way. By taking the focus off of ourselves and getting our focus back on God, that’s not easy. We need some help. Who could help us refocus? How about from “those who are dead and yet still speak”? We need to go back and listen to those voices with God-centered lives: Jonathan Edwards, C.S. Lewis, and Augustine.

Today, we welcome one of the greatest living historians of American history, George Marsden, who can help us do just that. Dr. Marsden brings Edwards into the twenty-first century, along with Augustine and C.S. Lewis, he helps us to see how we can reorient our lives in our modern times to be more God-centered and ordered by our loves rather than the algorithms of our modern world.

Dr. Marsden is Professor of History Emeritus at the University of Notre Dame, is an influential historian who has written extensively on the interaction between Christianity and American culture, particularly on Christianity in American higher education and on American evangelicalism. He is well known for his biography Jonathan Edwards: A Life. He has authored other books including The Soul of the American University, Religion and American Culture, Fundamentalism and American Culture, and C.S. Lewis’s “Mere Christianity”: A Biography.

Marsden studied at Haverford College, Westminster Theological Seminary, and Yale University; he has taught at Calvin University, Duke University, and the University of Notre Dame.

Today, we discuss his newest book on Edwards, “An Infinite Fountain of Light: Jonathan Edwards for the Twenty-First Century.”

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