S1:E62 Deep Conversation w/Dallas Jenkins-What is it that makes The Chosen so special?

The Chosen has taken the world by storm. It enables us to see things from the perspective of those who knew Him. We can find ourselves in the story and see how their stories make sense. Dallas has tapped into our imagination and desire to see and know more. How did they start to follow Jesus? What was it about Him that would make them follow when He gave the invitation? Dallas has created a world that is not far removed but is close up. What is it that draws us in? What is special about it? How is God using it? What are the critics saying? Join Travis as he speaks with Dallas Jenkins about The Chosen and how he crafted it the way that he did. Listen in as they talk about why people love it, the challenge of expanding on the greatest story ever known, the criticisms that come, and Dallas super power! Happy listening!