S2:E103: Deep Conversation w/David Garrison: Reaching the Nations in Your Neighborhood

Travis is joined by David Garrison of Global Gates!

Jesus calls us to take the whole Gospel to the whole world and often times we think overseas, but what if is also across the street? Did you know that there are thousands of families of unreached people groups throughout North America? And did you know that they may be in your neighborhood? God calls us to reach them and David gives us a great insight as to how!

If we are able to reach them, then they will reach their families on the other side of the world for Jesus! We can reach the furthest corners of the earth and some of the most difficult people groups to share Jesus with in the world by simply developing a relationship with a person across the street!

Listen as Travis and David discuss Global Gates, unreached people groups (UPG’s), and much, much more!

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