S2:E106: Deep Conversation w/ Donald Whitney: Praying the Bible

Travis welcomes Donald Whitney to the show! Are you having a hard time praying? Do you find yourself praying with the same old words? For the same old things? For many of us, prayer is a chore. We know that we want to do it and do it well, but don’t feel like we are getting through. Or we don’t feel like we are praying right: in the right ways for the right things, etc. Is there a way to get out of our prayer rut? Donald Whitney says, “Yes!”

Don Whitney has been teaching believers to pray the Bible (in fact he has taught it over 600 times!). Donald gives us such a practical way to pray the Bible in such a way that anyone can do it!

Learn more about Southern Seminary where Don teaches and The Center for Biblical Spirituality that he founded.

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