S1:E30 Deep Conversation w/Todd M. Johnson (aka The Google Of Global Christianity)

Have you ever seen a living and breathing human that is the equivalent of Google? ESPN used to run a show called “Stump the Schwab.” The Schwab was this guy who loved sports. So much so that he knew all of the stats throughout history on almost any sport. Todd Johnson is the Global Christian equivalent. If he were to have his own show, we might call it, “Trip up the Todd.” He knows the stats and what is going on…everywhere…no joke. He wrote the book on it. Seriously. Check it out. He also has an idea of where we are headed.

How do you describe Todd? I could cite the Center of which he is the co-director, the incredible staff there, his degrees, books, where he teaches, all of the articles that he has written, but what you really need to know is-he really cares about what God is doing around the world. And not only does he care about what God is doing, but he has also dedicated his life to know what is going on around the world. Whenever we want to know about something, we google it to find an expert. Todd is the expert.

Join Travis as he talks with Dr. Todd M. Johnson about what God is doing in the world today and why that matters to us. They also talk about lutefisk (google that if you are curious — and if you are daring, find a friend who makes it ;-), cross-country skiing, corruption in the church, and find out where God is moving as they discuss what God is doing around the world and what it has to do with us.

If you want to know more. Check out all of the action-packed info at the Center for the Study of Global Christianity.