S1:E40 When God is Working

How do people respond when God really transforms a person’s life? Is God really a threat to how we live? Join Travis as he examines an episode from the early church. When God works, people take notice…some love it and others hate it. Threats, transformation, and testimonies. How do you respond whenever God shows you something? Should we expect something different from what the early church got? Listen in and find out!

As Travis continues his exploration to Acts, we come to a pivotal moment in the story. Last week, as we looked at Acts 3, Peter and James healed a lame man and Peter got all confrontational with the people who were amazed. His second major sermon in the book of Acts was all about God’s work. He caused such a stir that the Jewish leaders got involved—and they were not happy. Today we move on to Acts 4 and learn that not everyone is happy with God’s work in the world.

Here’s a quick outline of where we are headed this week.

1.  When God works around us it Threatens the way we live, it:

            A.  Challenges what we believe.

            B.  Confronts us in our sin.

            C.  Changes those around us.

2.  Even so, God equips believers to Testify on His behalf.

            A.  about his Power at work.

            B.  About our Personal responsibility.

            C.  About the only Savior He has Provided for us all. 

3. Finally, God’s work is seen in how he Transforms us.

            A.  God gives us Strength.

            B.  Because of this many will try to Silence us.

            C.  But God’s kingdom cannot be Stopped.

Three questions for you to contemplate this week as you remember this text:

1.     God’s work challenges everyone. Sometime it is easy to think about others who are challenged by God’s work. But the question for us is harder—how is God’s work challenging you?

2.     Are we willing to testify on God’s behalf? If no, why not? Remember, testifying is not just the words you speak (though those are important!), it’s also about the way you speak them and whether they line up with how you are living. Peter was confrontational, but his message was reconciliation with God, and his actions backed up his speech.

3.     Do you really believe that God will give you the strength to stand in the face of opposition or are you afraid that God won’t really transform you? Why do you think that might be?