S1:E10 Soul Care & Sabbath: Finding Rhythm & Rest In Your Story

1:00-5:30 The Need for Rhythm

5:30-8:22 Deep Currents & Disaster in our world when we are out of rhythm

8:22-10:00 Patterns of thinking that need to change deep down

10:00-15:00 Sabbathing, gathering together as God’s people, & dancing in Uganda.

15:00- 33:00 Worship as a community: Masks, safety, and principles to consider-individual freedom, idolatry, and the essential need to worship God individually and corporately

33:00-43:00 The priority, problems, practices, and practitioners of worship on the Lord’s Day-chik-fil-A anyone?

43:00-48:44 Find your spiritual pathway & steps for Sabbathing! Examining Gary Thomas’ idea of us having a spiritual temperament or pathway and then engaging that to draw closer to God (all within a biblical framework).