S2:E96: Deep Conversation w/Felicia Wu Song: Restless Devices-Countering Conformity With Ancient Christian Practices, Pt. 2

In this second part of Travis’ conversation w/Felicia Wu Song, they continue their discussion on her most recent book, Restless Devices-Recovering Personhood, Presence, and Place In the Digital Age. They delve into The Freedom Project and explore the counter exercises that we can employ to stifle tech’s conforming practices.

They discuss counter-liturgies, social imaginaries (what stories we tell ourselves are worth striving for and being shaped by), performing ancient Christian traditions & practices that help shape us, Charles Taylor, selfies as formative, Gen X, programming VCRs, empty inboxes, second-second life, rhythms, Sabbath, sacred space, embodiment, Jesus’ bodily suffering, and much more!

Learn more about Felicia and get her book.

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