S2:E75 Deep Conversation w/James Choung, Pt. 2-Revival, Relevance, & Remnant

Travis and James Choung discuss revival (in Word, deed, and power), the need and our pursuit of it, returning to our first love, truncated Gospel understandings, multi-ethnic church, the fading idea of relevance, and how our mindset should transition from ministering to the culture to ministering to the remnant. They discuss evangelism in a society that is increasingly post-Christian and who is equally if not more so trying to evangelize us, ministering to Gen Z, and how commitment is inversely related to meaning.

James serves as Vice President of Strategy & Innovation — overseeing evangelism, discipleship, planting, growth, missions, multiethnic initiatives, and the Creative Labs — at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA. He is also infamous for doing a Jesse Jackson impersonation when he was in high school.

You can learn more about him and his book, Longing for Revival, here.