S2:E112: Deep Conversation w/ Jami Staples: Truth, Trauma, and Transformation, Pt. 1

Travis welcomes Jami Staples to the show, the founder and CEO of The Truth Collective. What does transformation look like? How do those in trauma come to know Jesus and be transformed by Him? What do they have to say to us? How do we experience healing as they have?

Jami is one of those once-in-a-lifetime kinds of people you meet who is articulate, frank, fun, and willing to challenge the status quo. She has a heart for women, specifically Muslim women to come to know Jesus and be transformed by Him. She is open, honest, and raw. You will be challenged as she shares her heart, and be surprised at her vulnerability. She has a high justice button that makes you want to step up to help the traumatized and the marginalized. And she knows how the healing power of Jesus can help you heal as well. A must-listen for men and women.

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