S2:E77 Deep Conversation w/Michael S. Heiser-Naked Scripture, the Supernatural, and Scared Evangelicals.

Travis welcomes Dr. Michael S. Heiser to AW! Not only is Mike a world-class scholar, but he enables us to see the naked Bible in its context—even the hard stuff that has left us scratching our heads saying, “What?” He pulls back the curtain on tough passages, often revealing connections we didn’t know were there. Not only that, Mike is not afraid of shedding biblical light on the unseen realm—a place most scholars fear to tread. While many academics are deathly afraid of addressing issues of the unseen realm because it is secretly seen as intellectual suicide for Western academics—Mike takes the challenge head-on—and he doesn’t just do it for academics, but he is committed to making it known to believers all over the world. His audience consists of those who are hungry to know what the Word really says—especially the hard stuff.

Mike is insightful, acerbic, sardonic, and doesn’t exactly fit the typical categories that people want to put him in, but the question is—is he right in what he is saying? And what does that mean for us? Listen in and find out!

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