S2:E119: Deep Conversation w/ Chris Castaldo-Catholics, Confusion, & Common Ground

Travis welcomes Chris Castaldo to the show! Chris is one of the leading evangelical experts on Roman Catholicism today. A former Catholic himself, his story is refreshing, encouraging, and filled with insight and hope.

Chris is an expert at building bridges between Roman Catholics and evangelicals having dialogued with some of the leading Roman Catholic scholars today. He finds points of agreement as well as points of difference. It is an insightful and hope-filled conversation with someone who knows church history and has a scholar’s mind with a pastor’s heart. For Chris, this is not an academic exercise, but it is interacting with and loving members of his family.

Chris has written Holy Ground: Walking with Jesus as a Former Catholic, Talking with Catholics About the Gospel: A Guide for Evangelicals, and co-authored more.

Check out Chris’ website.

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