S2:E89: Deep Conversation w/Tremper Longman, Pt. 2-Scripture, Psalms, and Nourishing Your Soul

Travis & Tremper welcomes Tremper Longman III back! They talk about the Old Testament Scriptures, the psalms, and how they nourish our souls by speaking to the entirety of the human condition. We need them to show us how to speak to God about the stuff that we are dealing with every day.

They discuss C.S. Lewis, Dan Allender & Tremper’s book: “God Loves Sex,” suffering, Jesus’ coming, the perspicuity of Scripture, reading the Bible devotionally, the motivation for Tremper to study the Old Testament and the state of Christian scholarship in the West today.

This conversation helps us to think deeper and different than the world around us so that we might be able to truly water our world.