S2:E73 Watering Wednesday-Updates, Observations, & A Life Interrupted.

What have we been up to? Not much. Just moving across states, finding and adjusting to new schools, missing church, dealing with biblical plagues, and getting covid 🙂

Despite the setbacks, we go back to Scripture and pick up our study of Acts. If you want to understand a person, you need to know where they have come from and if you understand where they come from, their story goes from black and white into 4K-it’s that way with Saul who later becomes Paul. In many ways, he becomes the template of life change, but that is for next week. 

This week Travis constructs Paul’s backstory, piecing together his early ministry of persecution, then takes our contemporary idea of what makes a good person and uses them to ask Paul that question, “Are you good?” Listen in as Paul makes his answer via the ancient Scriptures and turns our contemporary conversation of good people upside down.