S2:E98: Deep Conversation w/Travis Michael Fleming (and Melissa Fleming as host):

This time we have a special guest host! Melissa Lynn Fleming shakes things up a bit and puts Travis in the hot seat in a deep conversation. They discuss what watering your world means: learning how to do hospitality, real discipleship, and vulnerability. They discuss the “why” of deep conversations, the need for primary resources, filtering the mass amount of information we need to give us the pure stuff, engaging different perspectives, the Bible as the corrective, lost in our own worlds, Africans, the spirit world, fear of labeling, Michael Heiser, Tremper Longman III, Bible translation, pet doctrines, and cultural lexicons. They also discuss Nik Ripken, orality, Streetlights, bridges, the urban world, cultural lenses & expressions. They also discuss the purposes of sermons in bringing information vs. transformation; the proper response to God speaking through His Word, living like Christ in our ever-changing world; inward transformation & affirming dignity. It’s a behind-the-look scene at the beliefs that help shape Apollos Watered and can help you fulfill the mission of God where you are!

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