#133 A Well-Watered Life | The Flemings & The Missioholistic Approach to Renewing The Church in the West

Join this week’s episode as Wayne Stender, our podcast producer, interviews Travis and Melissa Fleming about their story and the Apollos Watered Missioholistic approach to faith.

There are so many issues that are facing Christians and the church today that it seems overwhelming. Church members are tired, some have deconstructed and left the faith altogether and pastors are burning out. What’s the solution? Better yet, what is the problem? How did we get here? Why is the church in the West in the mess it’s in right now?

Having served in a variety of contexts with different cultures and in churches of various sizes, the Flemings have seen and experienced the pitfalls of our modern Western church firsthand and have a better path forward-the missioholistic approach.

This is a fascinating and behind-the-scenes, firsthand look at the mission and heartbeat of Apollos Watered. It’s a conversation about passion and the hope of renewal for the church going forward, to not just survive, but thrive!

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