#134 Deep Conversation w/ John Hannigan | Redemption & LGBTQ: Becoming A Man of God, Pt. 2

In this second part of our conversation w/John Hannigan, Executive Director of Celebrate Kids. In our previous conversation, we learned his story—how he grew up in the church and struggled with same-sex attraction and sought help but found none. In his late teens, he was done fighting his desires and urges and decided to pursue the life he desired away from God. But God wasn’t done with John, and pursued him and brought him back to Himself.

Today we’re shifting gears in our conversation, moving from John’s story, to how that story has equipped him as a dad and a ministry leader to help parents deal with difficult issues. How do we approach education and entertainment, how do we tell a story of sin and redemption to our kids? How do we as parents help our kids to become what God intends them to be? How do we reach out to that friend or family member in love while still holding to the truth of Scripture?

John’s story forces us to confront whether or not we are really ready to love our neighbors. It also provides us with a unique insight into how to approach these thorny issues. This is a conversation about desire, pain, freedom, identity, and hope.

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