S2:E66 Did You Hear The Big News?! There Is Much More in Store for You!

Season 2 is finally here!

What is happening with Apollos Watered?! Some incredible stuff that can help you water your world! Who do you want to hear from? What do you want us to talk about? What is a resource that can help in your walk with God? And is there a way to get some of those resources at a discounted price? Yes!

Travis & Kevin, the original tag team duo crazy enough to do this thing, sit down to discuss all that God has done over the past year and what we have planned in the year ahead to help you so that you can water your world. Listen in and hear about our journey, how God brought it into existence, what we value, where we are headed, and how you can be part of it!

We have big news! The New Living Translation is now the official translation of Apollos Watered! Check out Kevin’s article Understanding the Bible Changes Everything. This is an exciting partnership that is meant to help you grow to become more like Jesus!

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