S2:E67 Deep Conversation w/Mike Goheen Pt. 1-Reintroducing Christianity to the West

Ever wondered why people in the U.S. once they hear you are a follower of Jesus simply tune you out? Or if you talk about Jesus, they say, “Been there. Done that.” Why is it that people in majority world cultures are responding so differently to the Gospel? Can anything be done about it?

Join Travis as he talks with Mike Goheen. Mike is a missiologist-a person who studies to see how the mission of Christ is fulfilled in a given culture. And he sits down with Travis as the two discuss Mike’s background and how our culture got to where it is today and his hope for the church going forward. This is one of the deepest conversations on Apollos Watered. Some are scuba deep, but this one may be Mariana Trench Deep, we will leave that up to you to decide. Whatever the case, listen in and drink what you can because it will help you to understand your world so that you can water it better.

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