S2:E108: Deep Conversation w/ Jim Wilder-God on the Brain, Pt. 2

This is Jim Wilder Part 2! Travis and Jim talk about how God has divinely wired our minds for human relationships and how they form us to become more like Jesus. We often talk about becoming like Jesus and how the Bible forms us, but rarely do we talk about how our relationships form us. In fact, the Church has often unbiblically separated the message of Jesus apart from relationships and if we are to grow in our faith and if the church is to be strengthened, we need to rediscover this divine connection.

Travis and Jim have a far-ranging discussion that includes the connection between shame and status in our society, how our brains go into what is called “enemy mode” and “relational” modes when we are communicating with people, and what Jim calls the “Life Model Works” which is a tool and organization that Jim helped develop to “link brain science with the Bible to create simple, practical tools for churches to build authentic community. 

This episode is a listening must for those who want to go deeper in their walk with Christ as we seek to understand how our brain works in shaping us through the day-to-day relationships of life.

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