S2:E109: Deep Conversation w/ Michel Hendricks-Relational Reformation, Pt. 1

Travis welcomes Michel Hendricks to the show! In the past few decades, so much of church and the Christian life has been about simply gaining information that leads us to believe and hopefully do the right things. However, as time has gone on, many Christ-followers have felt that there is more. Could there be something that we are missing? As the pandemic revealed, we are built for connection to God first and then with others second. In fact, our brains are divinely wired for both, and yet many within the church have neglected this important part of our makeup. However, in recent years there has been a relational reformation-a hunger to recover the connection with people the way God intended and we now have the brain science to show us what the Bible has been talking about for millennia.

Travis and Michel discuss his book, The Other Half of Church, which he co-authored with our previous guest Jim Wilder. The book has become the go-to text for this relational reformation and rightly so because they have hit on something that many within the church have been saying and feeling for years: there is more and the Bible tells us all about it!

Listen in as they talk about how God has wired our brains for relationships and joy and how we can return to this relational joy the way that God intended!

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