S2:E70 Deep Conversation w/Nik Ripken, Pt. 2-It’s At The Point of Witness that We Become Persecuted or Persecutors.

Travis & Nik continue their conversation with the persecuted church and our contemporary witness in the West. Nik shows us that it’s at the point of witness that we identify with the persecuted or the persecutor. If we witness, we may well be persecuted, if we do not witness, we may never suffer. They also discuss modern western Christians’ lack of desire to send children to the mission field, and how pagan parents bless their children who desire to be missionaries more than believing parents.

Additionally, they discuss Black Hawk Down, snow-plow parenting, modern-day Judas’s, identifying with brothers and sisters in chains, suffering for your faith, and the need to change the flow of the river of current western ministry perspectives.

Be sure to check out Nik Ripken Ministries, his book, and the movie.