S2:E71 Deep Conversation w/Nik Ripken, Pt. 3-Hard Places, Hospitality, Households, and Hope

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. There are people ready to come to faith, but there aren’t people who are willing to open up their homes, be vulnerable, and live an authentic life of faith in front of them. Are you?

Travis and Nik delve into ministering in our modern culture are not often as hard as we make it. It is rather simple but requires a certain degree of time and vulnerability. They discuss households coming to faith, the lost (but certainly re-discoverable) art of hospitality, listening to people, and more importantly to the Lord.

They also talk about the church wherever it is and rediscovering the burden of Jesus being known in parts of the world where He is not yet known.

This episode is filled with laughter, insight, heartbreak, hope, and practical tools to help you so that you can fulfill Christ’s mission for your life.

Be sure to check out Nik Ripken Ministries, his book, and the movie.