S2:E87 Deep Conversation w/Ruth Ripken, Pt. 2: Hospitality, Modeling, & Taking a Risk for Christ

How do you share your faith with other people? It is not just a presentation as is often caricatured. While there is a presentation aspect to it, there is much more. It involves sharing your life and allowing people in. In our world of busyness, we need to take time and rethink what it means to be hospitable. What does it mean to truly invite people into our apartments or homes and allow them to see our lives in our everyday mess?

In this second conversation with Ruth Ripken, Ruth discusses the practical nature of ministry. It requires us to reconsider hospitality, our homes, our families, and what it means to model Christ to others, especially those from a Muslim background. She gives practical details from her life and others, removing the objections by showing how easy and practical it can be.

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