S2:E86 Deep Conversation w/Ruth Ripken Pt. 1: Stories and Spaces Men Can’t Go

Travis welcomes Ruth Ripken to the show! On the mission field, we often hear reports of what God is doing, but often we don’t hear about what it’s like for the families. Ruth draws back the curtain on what mission in a foreign world is like for families, enabling us to see the mission of God more holistically. Additionally, Ruth gives us a glimpse behind the veil at the women in a society where roles are more often concrete and unavailable or overlooked by men.

Along with that, Travis and Ruth discuss her childhood desire to be a missionary, the University of Kentucky, shopping, cooking, mission work, families, storytelling as an outreach tool, and Nik’s tendency to put his foot in his mouth!

Learn more about Nik Ripken Ministries, the book, and the movie.