S2:E93: Deep Conversation w/Nik Ripken-Misconceptions of Persecution & Pain in Contemporary Christianity

Travis welcomes Nik Ripken back to the show! This time Travis & Nik discuss his book, The Insanity of Obedience, and the many modern misconceptions of how we go about mission in the modern world. At the heart of their conversation is the subject of persecution and how we handle it opposed to how the Bible presents it. This conversation goes beyond the fact that persecution exists, instead, Nik presents the question-why are people being persecuted? It’s not simply because people are believers in Christ-there is much more involved. It involves the methods we employ to communicate the message of Jesus. Could it be that the methods that we have employed to get the message out, actually cause more problems than they solve? Could it be that we need to rethink how we communicate and what methods we are reliant on? Listen in and find out!