S2:E94: Deep Conversation w/Nik Ripken: Revisiting Home, Hospitality, & the Hectic Life

Travis and Nik are together once more, but this time they delve deep into the family unit, juxtaposing the family on the mission field to a family on mission in the West. Ministry begins in the home and it is precisely in the home that many ministries are lost. It may not be disobedience as much as a distraction, not so much about belief, but busyness.

Why are we so busy? Why are we so distracted? Before trying to figure out how to disciple or lead, we need to figure out what the currents and obstacles are that are keeping us moving and preventing us from moving forward. When we pause, we can see that many of the blessings we have received can quickly turn into burdens and blockades if not put into their proper place. Using his time on the mission field as a template, Nik invites us to rediscover effective mission in our Western context. Rather than inventing new approaches, we return to the simple ways of previous generations who opened their homes, practiced hospitality, and built relationships so that others may know the truth of Jesus Christ.

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