S2:E81 Deep Conversation w/Tom Mercer, Pt. 2

Travis welcomes Tom Mercer to the show for their second conversation. Tom has been a pastor and leader for over 40 years. Travis & Tom continue discussing the Oikos principle. So many churches have bottlenecks that prevent them from doing what they say they are trying to do and that is reaching people. Getting people in the door to the church is one thing but introducing people to Jesus and helping them follow Jesus is something else altogether.

Perhaps the reason why evangelism/discipleship is so messed up is that we are looking at the wrong examples today-we have become consumers getting people in the door, and have focused on the presentation and not the lifestyle that it is in the world. They discuss the 5 steps of the Oikos principle and how to apply them in our lives. It’s a practical jam-packed conversation on how to go about winning our worlds.

Learn more about Tom here.