S2:E80 Deep Conversation w/Tom Mercer Pt. 1-Who Sits in the Front Row of Your Life?

Travis welcomes Tom Mercer to the show! Tom has been a pastor and leader for over 40 years serving most of that time at High Desert Church in Victorville, California. They discuss Nate Bargatze, Victorville, growing up in a pastor’s home, and the Oikos principle. The Oikos Principle-a simple approach to rethink how we share and live out our faith. It’s simple when we think about it. What’s the number one factor is that God used to bring you to Him? Or maybe a better question is, who was the person who influenced you the most to become a believer? If statistics are right, then it is probably someone you knew well. What does that mean for us? Listen in and find out!

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