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S2:E115: Deep Conversation w/ Jay Moon & Bud Simon: Sharing Jesus With

August 5, 2022

Learn more about W. Jay Moon and W. Bud Simon.

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S2:E114: Deep Conversation w/ J.D. Payne: Rethinking How To Reach the World

July 29, 2022

Travis welcomes J.D. Payne to the show! Church buildings and Christian resources are everywhere in North America, but increasingly we have lost the ability to speak to our neighbors who are on the “outside” of the church The Church is exploding in other parts of the world, but we see more and more empty churches […]

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S2:E113: Deep Conversation w/ Jami Staples: Truth, Trauma, and Transformation, Pt. 2

July 22, 2022

Travis welcomes Jami Staples back to the show for the second part of our conversation. Jami is the founder and CEO of The Truth Collective and in this second part of our conversation, she discusses the lies that women believe, how trauma plays into our understanding of sin, and how Jesus heals our trauma. Trauma […]

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S2:E112: Deep Conversation w/ Jami Staples: Truth, Trauma, and Transformation, Pt. 1

July 19, 2022

Travis welcomes Jami Staples to the show, the founder and CEO of The Truth Collective. What does transformation look like? How do those in trauma come to know Jesus and be transformed by Him? What do they have to say to us? How do we experience healing as they have? Jami is one of those […]

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S2:E111: Deep Conversation w/ John Plake: Scripture Engagement, Trauma, and Transformation in Chaotic Times

July 8, 2022

Travis welcomes John Plake to the show! John is the director of Ministry Intelligence at the American Bible Society and is the editor-in-chief of the State of the Bible series. John is a researcher with a pastor’s heart. He bridges the worlds of social science, business intelligence, and spiritual formation, helping Christian leaders understand how people […]

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S2:E110: Deep Conversation w/ Michel Hendricks-Relational Reformation, Pt. 2

July 1, 2022

Travis and Michel Hendricks continue their discussion on the relational reformation that is taking place in the church. Far too often, our church models have been built on the best practices established by churches considered to be “successful” because they know how to attract a crowd. Many of these successful churches have more of a […]

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S2:E109: Deep Conversation w/ Michel Hendricks-Relational Reformation, Pt. 1

June 24, 2022

Travis welcomes Michel Hendricks to the show! In the past few decades, so much of church and the Christian life has been about simply gaining information that leads us to believe and hopefully do the right things. However, as time has gone on, many Christ-followers have felt that there is more. Could there be something […]

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S2:E108: Deep Conversation w/ Jim Wilder-God on the Brain, Pt. 2

June 17, 2022

This is Jim Wilder Part 2! Travis and Jim talk about how God has divinely wired our minds for human relationships and how they form us to become more like Jesus. We often talk about becoming like Jesus and how the Bible forms us, but rarely do we talk about how our relationships form us. […]

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S2:E107: Deep Conversation w/ Jim Wilder: God on the Brain

June 10, 2022

Travis welcomes Jim Wilder to the show! Jim is a neurotheologian who specializes in helping us become fully human Christ-followers. Travis and Jim discuss neurotheology, how the brain works, and how God has wired the truth of who He is into our brains. It’s one of the most fun and informative conversations and it’s sure […]

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S2:E106: Deep Conversation w/ Donald Whitney: Praying the Bible

June 3, 2022

Travis welcomes Donald Whitney to the show! Are you having a hard time praying? Do you find yourself praying with the same old words? For the same old things? For many of us, prayer is a chore. We know that we want to do it and do it well, but don’t feel like we are […]

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