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S1:E23 Christmas-The Divine Mystery

December 23, 2020

Travis talks about all things Christmas-rocket launching angels, God’s way of doing stuff is WAY outside of how we do things, Christmas ornaments, family, and how all of the madness of Christmas is a beautiful mess that shows how much God loves us.

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S1:E22 Cross-Culturing & Christmas

December 21, 2020

Join Travis as he talks about Christmas, cross-culturing, the necessity of Jesus being the God-man, and a simple way we can understand it with a homeless man, a Chicago cop, and the President of a sovereign nation. Not only is the incarnation the ultimate cross-culturing experience, but it also shows the depth of how far […]

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S1:E21 Deep Conversations w/Robert White: Helping Your Soul Feel Whole

December 18, 2020

A conversation w/Robert White from Care for Pastors on the absolute necessity of soul care, pastors, forced resignations, the state of the church, what it means to be worthy of God’s love (it’s not what you think!), STAY principle, boundaries, priorities, and some laughs and prayer along the way.

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S1:E20 How To Trust

December 16, 2020

Tight rope walkers & wheelbarrows, Proverbs 3:5-10, Blind skiers, barometers, money, Romans 1, pornography’s chemical effects, and the book of Haggai all talk about what happens when you trust in the wrong things. Who do you trust?

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S1:E19 Cross-Culturing | Ceremonies & Traditions

December 14, 2020

What do baby showers, bouncy babies, babies tied on a back, Orange Fanta, packed out apartments, and John 17 have in common? Adventure, ceremony, and building relationships even when we don’t understand one another’s specific cultures. Spoiler alert! It is going to be awkward! Second spoiler alert, awkward is AWESOME!

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S1:E18 Deep Conversations w/Derek Webster: Your Mess, God’s Masterpiece

December 11, 2020

Time to go deep! Travis and special guest Derek Webster go deep discussing life, relationships, postmodernism, church planting in Europe, fame, celebrity culture, and they top it off with a discussion of Derek’s new book coming out on January 26th, Your Mess, God’s Masterpiece. We talk about Joseph and his life and how no one […]

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S1:E17 Trusting in God in Tough Times

December 9, 2020

What does a rich guy in Sewickley, PA, four words on U.S. currency, the Star Spangled Banner, a Chinese rooftopping daredevil, a dumb king who listened to the wrong guys, and the biblical book of Lamentations have in common? Trust. It’s all about who or what we trust in! Who do you trust? Join Travis […]

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S1:E16 Cross-Culturing | Eating Ethnic Foods

December 7, 2020

Building relationships cross-culturally requires eating the foods of different cultures. Join Travis discusses as he discusses some of the principles he has of eating foods when in a foreign land so he doesn’t throw up!

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S1:E15 Deep Conversations w/Jackson Wu-Increase Your Vision of God and the World

December 5, 2020

We welcome Jackson Wu to the podcast today! Join us as we explore the deep things of God and culture! Get your scuba gear on and be ready for a deep dive! Travis & Jackson talk stuff like culture and contextualization, double rearview mirrors, American individualism, honor/shame cultures (and what does that mean for us?), […]

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S1:E14 Cross-Culturing & Food!

December 3, 2020

Food is a wonderful thing, but what do you do when you need to eat something that is completely different than what you are used to? Join Travis as he talks about food, growing up in a small town, the difference between the Philippines and Philippians, as well as eating fertilized duck egg & Burmese […]

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